Whether you want help with renewing an established garden, a design for a new garden, or just some suggestions for a garden bed or two, we come to you for a brief visit and then provide you with a quote on the items you require our assistance with.

If you then decide to take up our offer, here's what happens next:


BRAINSTORMING We meet for an hour to go through in detail your wants, needs, your budget, your likes and dislikes.

MEASUREMENT Blad by Lundgren AB then conducts a site analysis and site survey of your garden comprising an inventory of existing plants, soil and ground conditions, prevailing winds, the surrounding setting. This includes measuring up your garden, so that we know what we have to work with in your garden.

THE CONCEPT PLAN Based on our brainstorming session and the site analysis and site survey, we produce a concept plan to scale of your new garden, showing how the space can be used for outdoor areas, paths, walls, garden beds, swings, pool, etc, depending entirely on what you want to have in your garden. The concept plan does not contain any suggestions for actual plants, bushes or trees.

REVIEW MEETING Once you have the concept plan, you might come to think of something you would like to add or change. If this is the case, we set up a new meeting to review the changes you would like to make. One such review is always included in your package.

PLANTING PLAN Once the concept plan has been finalised, we make a detailed planting plan to scale that shows the disposition of plants, bushes and trees, including the numbers of each. The planting plan is delivered to you with a list of the plants, bushes and trees you'll need, with pictures of them.

LANDSCAPING If you require assistance with the landscaping of your new garden, we can organise it. We have a network of pavers, carpenters, ironworkers, gardeners and electricians who are ready to make your new outdoor environment a reality. Blad by Lundgren AB operates as the turnkey contractor and provides project management for all works.
Are you curious now to see some examples of environments that we’ve designed and/or landscaped? Then go to our Portfolio in the menu.