If you'd like to take a look at some of our completed assignments, click on the images below. There are before and after pictures from some of the gardens and courtyards we have designed and landscaped.

You can also take an interactive tour of some of the gardens with QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR). QTVR allows you to zoom in and out and change the viewing angle.

QTVR   Take an interactive tour.


A flat, boring site with a new house, and pool in the wrong place in relation to the house – that was what we had to work with when we began designing... Read more

A newly renovated house with a very neglected garden... That was the situation when Blad by Lundgren AB was given the job of making this garden easy to maintain and more exciting. Read more

A dreary asphalt surface and a significant drainage problem were the ”features” of this courtyard when Blad by Lundgren AB were called in to renovate it. Read more

A pool that looks like it's always been there – that was what the client wanted. Read more

An impractical, barely level and not especially pleasant yard was transformed into an outdoor room with more seating and a more level surface once the design was finished. Read more

Exposed rock was going to make way for a house, but even before blasting began, planning for the garden was started, resulting in it being bigger than first anticipated. Read more